Dr. Luigi

Pickup Dr. Luigi on the weekend and I finally got around to playing it last night. I never really played Dr. Mario, Tetris and Klax’s were more my jam. But man that game is hard.
On the other hand, the new game mode Operation L, is a lot easier. Because each L piece can always give you a four in a row. Making it much easier to clear the board.


Catching up on the back log.

Just started playing Sleeping Dogs and so far, about 2 hours into the game, this game is a discount gem.  The hand to hand combat system rewards you for chaining attacks, parries and grabs together with some nice visceral combat feedback. I’ve heard that they muck the game up with gun play at some point, but I’m not there yet.
On the PC the high res texture pack makes this game stand up visually even though it is a year old.

Well worth picking up on Steam sale.

LA Noire


Finally had enough bandwidth leftover at the end of the month to download LA Noire for the PC. Two hours later I’m reminded what a technical marvel this game is and I makes me sad that Rock star never saw fit to port Red Dead Redemption to the PC. I think I’m going to play through the game again, now that I have all the DLC cases I missed during my play through on the  PS3.

Steam on Linux

Steam on Linux

Check out the article on Phoronix

It seems the wait of the Linux gamer is coming to an end, Valve is working on releasing Steam for Linux. The promise of most Valve games being ported and an ever increasing indie games space support of Linux, via the Humble Bundle, is the time right for the promise of Linux gaming. I hope Valve’s move will get id and Epic to restate their commitment to Linux, but releasing ports of RAGE and the next UT game.

Tribes Ascend

Just started playing Tribes Ascend yesterday and I have to say that I’m really impressed. The over polish of this game is really redefining what I expect out of a free to play shooter.

Hi-rez Studios really captured the essence of Tribes 2. The joy that one gets from skiing across the map at ludicrous speeds is still as good as ever. I know that I’m going to buy some gold to unlock the extra classes. My debate is do I want to spend the minimum, $10 or buy in at the more attractive $30 or $50 price points where you get a bunch of extra xp bonuses.

Anyway if you want to play, you can find me in game as NodtheThird.

See you online.


Top Pirated games of the year.

Eurogamer has just published a list from TorrentFreak of the most pirated games of 2011. What I find most striking about this data is that level of PC piracy is so much greater than console piracy. Then again maybe a lot of console piracy goes on in retail locations, with people buying bootleg copies under the table. On the PC side, I have two questions. One is how many of those 3 million downloads turn into purchases and second, why are people pirating mainly multiplayer games are their large pools of pirate servers that I don’t know about?

Movember Madness

Tonight is the launch of Skyrim and I’m scared that this one game might prevent me from finishing the other game I’m playing at the moment, Uncharted 3.
A game that has failed to grip me like its predecessor, for whatever reason the shock and awe of its graphic is not counteracting, the shallow, repetitive and at times tedious trial and error game play at the heart of its cinematic adventure. It’s not like I’m not enjoying Uncharted 3, cause I am, but it’s just that the flaws of the father have been passed down to the son and I’m not as forgiving of the same foibles. One expects to see a jump in quality, not just visually, but mechanically, with every subsequent release of a game. Uncharted 3 just seems to exist on the same plateau as Uncharted 2. My main gripe is with the shooting sequences, they aren’t very fun and they tend to drag on to long. If I fail to clear a section two or three times and have to restart I’ve been inclined to just go play something else. Which, at the moment, is mainly Battlefield 3.
November, is a great time to be a gamer, I just wish it could happen every month of the year. All these games to play at the same time is making me go a little crazy.