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City of Thieves

Finally got to play a complete game of City of Thieves from Fantasy Flight Games and while the play mechanics are dead simple, there is enough going on to keep the game interesting. The rules are strait forward and the manual is big and easy to read, Fantasy Flight did a good job translating the game from French. What is most striking about City of Thieves is the quality of production, especially all lovely detailed figures, it really helps to bring the game to life.

The mechanics center around collecting treasures and caching them in for ducats (victory points) by completing mission or working on the story objective, depending on which of the eight campaigns you’ve chosen to play. The game has a strong bugger your neighbor aspect as you have to routinely attack other players to steal their treasure so you can make better sets to score more ducats when turning in missions. I really like that the game is short, with a fixed number of rounds, so you know it will always be over in about an hour.
I look forward to playing it again in the near future.
Check out the games page at Board Game Geek.


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