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Where’s the Review?

Rage’s review embargo has got me in, well in a rage. While I accept the need for embargoes, to give reviewers enough time to write their review and to ensure that no one outlet gets a jump on any other. What I can not accept is the need for release day review embargoes. Which, in my mind, server no purpose but to prevent customers from making informed purchasing decisions.

Release day review embargoes are anti consumer and the games press needs to baulk at their existence. In my mind, the whole point of the games specialty press is to give gamers the information they need so that they can make informed purchasing decisions. While, I know it is a pipe dream to think that the games press would stand up to publishers who force release day embargoes, for fear that they be denied access to upcoming games. I think it needs to be done, as more and more game are being released with bonus content that can only be obtained by pre-ordering the game. Case in point, Rage’s Anarchy Edition.

Bethesda seems to a particularly egregious offender when it comes to review embargoes, as Brink was also embargoed until release and we all know how well that game turned out. I fell that by embargoing a review so late sends a message. That you, the publisher, are not confident in the product that you are selling me the gamer and I should probably keep my $60 in my pocket. It will be interesting to see if Skyrim will also be under a similar release day embargo.


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