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What I think of Rage

Thanks to the hard work of id software and AMD’s driver engineers, I’m finally playing Rage. Not that this makes up for botch launch on the PC. Releasing your game in an unplayable state regardless of who is at fault is inexcusable. I fear it has cost id a lot of the goodwill they enjoy from PC gamers.
It’s a shame that the game drew so much negative buzz, cause the core shooting and driving mechanics are quite fun. I’ve not seen such conniving enemy AI behavior in a game in long time, it is simply a joy to watch and hear the AI react to the mayhem you’re inflicting on them.
The game is also at times breathtakingly beautiful. Sure you can find low res texture up close, but I keep getting awed by the graphics as I enter one unique area after an other.
That’s it for now I’ll post more thought once I’ve finished the game.


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