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Movember Madness

Tonight is the launch of Skyrim and I’m scared that this one game might prevent me from finishing the other game I’m playing at the moment, Uncharted 3.
A game that has failed to grip me like its predecessor, for whatever reason the shock and awe of its graphic is not counteracting, the shallow, repetitive and at times tedious trial and error game play at the heart of its cinematic adventure. It’s not like I’m not enjoying Uncharted 3, cause I am, but it’s just that the flaws of the father have been passed down to the son and I’m not as forgiving of the same foibles. One expects to see a jump in quality, not just visually, but mechanically, with every subsequent release of a game. Uncharted 3 just seems to exist on the same plateau as Uncharted 2. My main gripe is with the shooting sequences, they aren’t very fun and they tend to drag on to long. If I fail to clear a section two or three times and have to restart I’ve been inclined to just go play something else. Which, at the moment, is mainly Battlefield 3.
November, is a great time to be a gamer, I just wish it could happen every month of the year. All these games to play at the same time is making me go a little crazy.


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