Dr. Luigi

Pickup Dr. Luigi on the weekend and I finally got around to playing it last night. I never really played Dr. Mario, Tetris and Klax’s were more my jam. But man that game is hard.
On the other hand, the new game mode Operation L, is a lot easier. Because each L piece can always give you a four in a row. Making it much easier to clear the board.


Steam on Linux

Steam on Linux

Check out the article on Phoronix

It seems the wait of the Linux gamer is coming to an end, Valve is working on releasing Steam for Linux. The promise of most Valve games being ported and an ever increasing indie games space support of Linux, via the Humble Bundle, is the time right for the promise of Linux gaming. I hope Valve’s move will get id and Epic to restate their commitment to Linux, but releasing ports of RAGE and the next UT game.